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Sam Seafoods is a Joint venture between, JWT Corp, - Singapore,  and SAM Shipping .  Trading Frozen seafoods with  South America, India, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Ukraine, Madagaskar, Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, France, Spain, Scotland, United Kingdom, Yeman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Taiwan,

We are one of the Oldest Seafood Trading Company in South East Asia, with offices in Singapore, India and USA.  Our Main focus is to source seafoods for our customers in OEM Consumer pack or in BULk for local market re-distribution.

With annual tunrover of 168 million Singapore Dollar, we welcome genuine trade enquiries. We guarantee the Best Quality with market based realistic price. We accept payment in RMB, Singapore Dollar,  Hong Kong Dollar, JPY, AED, Euro apart from the usual market dominant USD currency when it comes to invoicing. Talk to us to structure your payment in local currency for your imports.  We have partnered with freightmarket.com to provide our clients the best rates for shipping to various destinations.

IF you would like to distribute your products thru our company., please feel free to contact us.

View our product list for more information on our current offerings and feel free to send us your genuine enquiry with indicative prices.

Contract Supply - Are you looking for Contract Supply of Seafooods

Speak to us & we will be able to deliver to your requirement with No.1 Quality. . We are shipping to over 30 countries. Over 3000 Containers yearly.,

Alaska Surimi

The world’s finest surimi seafood products are made from high quality Alaska Pollock, which is harvested from the icy, clear waters of the Bering Sea.

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Black Pomfret

1 Product Name Frozen Black Pomfret Fish
2 Scientific Name Parastomateus Niger
3 Freezing Way IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)

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100%NW, 95%NW, 90%NW.